Unibrow Radio #054 ~ Unibrow Invites Substak (Dub At Spring)

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Unibrow Radio #054 ~ Unibrow Invites Substak (Dub At Spring)Unibrow Radio #054 ~ Unibrow Invites Substak (Dub At Spring)

Listen to some pleasant dub techno vibes in a new Substak’s dj set at Unibrow Radio. The tracklist speaks for itself.

Unibrow crew:

“A light, dubby storytelling mix that makes us all longing for spring. Perfect dance music for home listening.” 


1. Deepwarmth – Crafting A Stream (Coppice Halifax Rephrase) (Omchaki Recordings)
2. Twin Peetz – Friday Night Dub (Kopoc Label)
3. Dom Dumoulin – Travelling (Pertin-nce)
4. Bitter Suss – These Rainy Days (Insectorama)
5. Michael Ballus – Selbstlaufer (Rumpfunk Records)
6. Aspect – Flight (Energostatic Records)
7. Matthias Springer – Diving Caves (Rumpfunk Records)
8. Monodisc – Stroom (Cold Tear Records)

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